anah redding

The Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza have a vision of a welcoming, vibrant space that honors Harvey Milk’s life and legacy. By memorializing Harvey’s enduring legacy, the community will come together to propagate his message of inclusion and hope for marginalized communities worldwide.

The Friends came to TBD* to help design a campaign system that would cement The Memorial as a “next-generation” public meeting space and embody Harvey Milk’s inclusive message, spirit of activism, and friendly demeanor.

We worked to embody Harvey’s message of hope through our design. Our process involved familiarizing ourselves with Harvey’s legacy in order to best fulfill the community’s intentions. The final brand guidelines aim to inspire confidence in the project while embodying the hope, joy, and passion that Harvey brought to each of his endeavors. By doing so, we hope The Friends are able to raise the necessary funds to fulfill the vision.

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