anah redding


I’m a holistic designer using my love of combining storytelling and image-making to create engaging designs that connect and communicate with thought, care, and emotion. 

I’m an avid reader with a passion for print. For over a dozen years, I’ve worked for beloved indie San Francisco bookstores as both an illustrator and bookseller. Interacting with thousands of book covers during my daily toil created the initial spark and inspiration for my journey to design school. 

Among many things, I am also a dedicated naturalist and use my skills as an artist to express my deep-rooted passion for the natural world. My multivariate interests allow me to bring a unique perspective—with focus, creativity, attention to detail, and dedication—to every project.

When I'm not designing, illustrating, or bookselling, you can find me pinning bugs, shopping for vinyl, collecting old ephemera, and hiking the Northern California coast with my partner. I also moonlight as a tattoo apprentice.

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